Wilhelmina Wetmore embodies the spirit of independence, global consciousness, and upscale sensibilities that American women are admired for the world over. Our aim? We support American-made manufacturing while providing active women with beautiful, well fitting, long lasting tennis clothing. Our goal is to create quality products that are highly desired, using local resources, and tapping into America's talented labor pool. We partner with local workers right here in the United States, to meet our business objectives within a framework of high American standards.

The skill and dedication of the American worker will be evident the minute a customer touches her first Wilhelmina tennis tunic. Functional 4-way stretch compression fabric with a luxurious feel, flawless stitching, classic white or a bold pop of color, effortless draping, our signature 4-way stretch compression odor-resistant fabric with moisture wicking and UV 50 protection, all the result of WW's commitment providing American women with stunning active wear that looks and feels amazing on.

The unique woman who inspired our company is Wilhelmina Wetmore, an educated, scrupulous high achiever from Connecticut, who lived life to the fullest, both on and off the court. The quintessential American woman, Wilhelmina Wetmore would have stood proudly behind the “Made in the USA” movement that we as a company embrace. Our mission is to create classic, high-end tennis clothing for active American women who share Wilhelmina’s desire to live fully, on and off the court. Like Wilhelmina herself, we are committed to having a heck of a good time every single day, wherever we are, whatever we do.


The company is 100% American-made tennis apparel that provides a fiber-to-court experience.



In fashion, they say that you need to stay relevant. Wilhelmina Wetmore does more than create awareness of the current American economic landscape. WW's response is to create an actual company with a local focus, hiring American workers to make American goods for discerning American women. WW relevancy is clear. American jobs. American manufacturing. Support for the American economy. A simple mission with far-reaching results. 

That fast fashion demands cheap labor for maximum returns to corporate investors may be a fact of globalism, but WW believes we can make other, better choices, raising the bar higher. Our country has started caring about the “where, what, why and when” of our food, and we challenge everyone to take that same farm-to-table awareness and apply it to what we wear. Paying attention to what we wear steers us toward better choices. We begin to ask questions. Where was it made? How was it made? Who made it? How does it feel? For sure, women who ask these questions of their current clothing vendors will end up on Wilhelmina's doorstep for a superior alternative, and we know we can give it to them.

At WW, we choose not to participate in exploiting the poor and unskilled laborers of third world countries like China to reach our goals – we know our objectives are more ethically and profitably achieved by operating locally, within a level of standards we can respect, and be respected for meeting. Supporting the American economy by maintaining jobs and fair wages for American workers helps us feel good about the money we make in exchange for the merchandise we sell. According to the American Apparel and Footwear Association and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American-made apparel is 2% of all the apparel made in the U.S. In 1960 we manufactured 96%. We think it’s time to bring the apparel industry back to the USA for good. 

We know you'll feel our passion when your selected WW tennis apparel arrives, and you see and feel the quality that American materials and crafters provide. Boost the American economy while looking fabulous? Why didn't you think of this before?! We hope you will buy, wear, and love our beautiful tunics as you conduct your activities in cities and towns across America. We have so much confidence in our product line, in our workers, and in our customers, that we want to actually invite you into our creative process!

Send us your comments, questions, and feedback after wearing our tennis tunics to the courts. Send us a picture of yourself in our outfits, with your thoughts, and we may put it on our website. After you tell us what you think of our product, tell us about yourself. As more and more women do the WW conversion, and as we get to know who you are, our clothing line will be refined to a T - as in tennis racket - the active American WW woman. We're confident that inviting you into our American-style pages is the beginning … of a beautiful friendship.