Playing tennis- loving the game- wanting something more - different- new but yet functional. Where does one start or go to find something desirable yet worthy of purchasing in this age of fast fashion. Researching products and where - how things were made created curiosity.  I wanted easy comfortable clothing. Fun colors - classic whites. Things that were All American. It has been an odyssey and enormous challenge as the American Made manufacturing segment as been taken off shore but with grit and determination the tennis tunic was born. 


My grandmother Wilhelmina (Emily) Wetmore, taught me to be a strong, independent, mindful girl. She was born in PA to a well-to-do family in Easton. She went to high school, moved to Germany by herself for several years, attended and graduated from Wellesley College, and went on to Yale University School of Nursing. She lived in a generation where women for the most part did not work, choosing instead to support their husbands in their careers, and take care of their home and children. While Emily certainly did those things, and did them well (she had five children), she also cultivated and maintained  her own thoughts, developed her own interests, and carved out her own place in the world. She advocated for education, independence and self sufficiency- always encouraging me to be courageous about my dreams. 


100% American Made. Fabric from a Rhode Island Mill from mostly Californian fibers- Manufactured in Georgia. Fabric is high end four way stretch compression Lyrca Spandex, UV 50, antimicrobial and anti-odor.